Self-learning Courses

You are self-motivated and are disciplined. Or may be you are already working with a concept and tool. You are interested in finding a text book that covers the topics. If possible, this is a video book you can view, bookmark and keep it for future references. Our self-learning courses are designed for you. Each of the courses offers a structured way of learning, but gives you the flexibility to move around and cherry pick.

The self-learning programs include course material and knowledge checks. They cover a topic at either of three levels:

  • How to choose a use case and develop its benefit case
  • How to design a solution using AI technologies
  • How to develop a prototype using a specific set of techniques

Instructor-led Courses

While self-learning is a good way to learn quick and just-in-time for an individual, instructor-led courses are designed to maximize collaborative learning experience. We bring teachers with decades of practical experience, who use a combination of course material, capstone projects and illustrative case studies to systematically take you through the learning journey. These courses offer course certification at the successful completion. Courses use a combination of teaching methods, including recorded content, video conferences and discussion boards to encourage collaboration.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Data Science Methodology

Introduction to Conversational AI

Introduction to Graph AI

Introduction to Vision AI

Introduction to Document Understanding

Introduction to Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Discovery Workshops

Design-thinking to identify AI Use Case and Benefit Case

Conversational AI Benefit Case Workshop

Graph AI Benefit Case Workshop

Vision AI Benefit Case Workshop

Document Understanding Benefit Case Workshop

Design Workshops

Conversational AI Design Workshop

Graph AI Design Workshop

Vision AI Design Workshop

Document Understanding Design Workshop

Technology Hackathon

Data Science Methodology using Python

Data Science Methodology using Alteryx

Conversational AI using Watson Assistant

Graph AI using TigerGraph

Vision AI using Azure Custom VIsion

Document Understanding using Google Document Understanding

Document Understanding using Watson Discovery